Advance Excel Training in Bangalore

We at Ditya have trainers from IT companies and experienced professionals with highly skilled and passionate skills to train the candidate to meet company profiles.

We are Pioneered in training of Advance Excel.


  • Formulas with Multiple Operators
  • Inserting and Editing a Function
  • Auto Calculate and Manual Calculation
  • Defining Names
  • Using and Managing Defined Names
  • Displaying and Tracing Formulas
  • Understanding Formula Errors
  • Using Logical Functions (IF)
  • Using Financial Functions (PMT)
  • Using Database Functions (DSUM)
  • Using Lookup Functions (VLOOKUP)
  • User Defined and Compatibility Functions
  • Financial Functions
  • Date & Time Functions
  • Math & Trig Functions
  • Statistical Functions
  • Lookup & Reference Functions
  • Database Functions
  • Text Functions
  • Logical Functions
  • Information Functions
  • Engineering and Cube Functions

  • Sorting by One Column
  • Sorting by Colours or Icons
  • Sorting by One Column
  • Sorting by Colours or Icons
  • Sorting by Multiple Columns
  • Sorting by a Custom List
  • Filtering Data
  • Creating a Custom AutoFilter
  • Using an Advanced Filter

  • Creating a PivotTable
  • Specifying PivotTable Data
  • Changing a PivotTable’s Calculation
  • Filtering and Sorting a PivotTable
  • Working with PivotTable Layout
  • Grouping PivotTable Items
  • Updating a PivotTable
  • Formatting a PivotTable
  • Creating a PivotChart
  • Using Slicers
  • Sharing Slicers Between PivotTables

  • Creating Scenarios
  • Creating a Scenario Report
  • Working with Data Tables
  • Using Goal Seek
  • Using Solver
  • Using Text to Columns
  • Grouping and Outlining Data
  • Using Subtotals
  • Consolidating Data by Position or Category
  • Consolidating Data Using Formulas

  • Inserting a Hyperlink
  • Importing Data from an Access Database or Text File
  • Importing Data from the Web and Other Sources
  • Working with Existing Data Connections

  • Recording a Macro
  • Playing and Deleting a Macro
  • Adding a Macro to the Quick Access Toolbar
  • Editing a Macro’s Visual Basic Code
  • Inserting Copied Code in a Macro
  • Declaring Variables and Adding Remarks to VBA Code
  • Prompting for User Input Using the If…Then…Else Statement

  • Customizing the Ribbon
  • Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar
  • Using and Customizing AutoCorrect
  • Changing Excel’s Default Options
  • Creating a Custom AutoFill List
  • Creating a Custom Number Format

  • Using Charts
  • Formatting Charts
  • Using 3D Graphs
  • Using Bar and Line Chart together
  • Using Secondary Axis in Graphs
  • Sharing Charts with PowerPoint / MS Word,                Dynamically (Data Modified in Excel, Chart would automatically get updated)

Functions and Super Powers Functions with super powers ● Finding the right functions and how they work

  • Functions with hidden powers – MOD() for patterns, OFFSET() for simple choices, INDIRECT() to manipulate formulae ● Making references to ranges of cells adapt automatically for new data

Array Formulae ● One formula, one million calculations

  • SUMPRODUCT() - all the gain of an array formula with less of the pain

Tables – structure comes to Excel ● Why Tables are so much more than just a new format ● Make your spreadsheets more automatic with a single command ● Table formulae – instant readability ● Data tools in Tables ● It’s not all good

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