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It provides professional training in Python and related technologies like Django, Flask, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing. The Institute has trained more than 2000+ students and professionals so far. It offers both classroom and online training with live interactive sessions to help students and professionals gain an in depth knowledge of the subject. The trainers have years of experience and are highly skilled in their field. The Institute also provides additional services such as job placement assistance, career consulting, and project guidance. With its excellent

Learn Virtually anywhere. Now is the time for Python Training in Bangalore – Python Certification!


Introduction to Python Programming


  • Introduction to Python Programming
  • Comparison with other programming language
  • Installing Python and pip
  • Scope of Python in Production
  • Working with IDE and interpreter
  • Features of Python
  • Python Versions
  • Creating your first python program
  • Python keywords and identifiers
  • Python Variables
  • Type of Conversion

Data Types, Operators, Strings, Conditional statements & Loops

  • Python Data Types
  • Operators
    • Arithmetic operators
    • Relational operators
    • Conditional operators
    • Logical operators
    • Bitwise operators
  • Introduction to string
    • Basic string operation
    • String functions and methods
    • Deleting a string
    • String manipulation and concatenation
  • Conditional Statements
    • What are conditional statements?
    • Working with “if” condition
    • Working with “if-else” condition
    • Working with “if-elif” condition
    • Nested if condition
  • Loops
    • Introduction to Loops concept
    • Working with ‘while’ loop
    • Working with ‘for’ loop
      • Nested loop
    • Break statement and Continue statement

Practical examples for each topic

Sequence of Data (Data Types)

  • Python Lists
    • Lists are mutable
    • Getting to Lists
    • List indices
    • Traversing a list
    • List operations, slices and methods
    • Map, filter and reduce
    • Deleting elements
    • Python Tuples
      • Creating Tuples
      • Advantages of Tuple over List
      • Comparing tuples
      • Deleting a Tuple
      • Slicing of Tuple
      • Built-in functions with Tuple
    • Sets
      • How to create a set?
      • Iteration Over Sets
      • Python Set Methods
      • Python Set Operations
      • Union of sets
    • Dictionaries
      • How to create a dictionary?
      • Python Dictionary Methods
      • Copying dictionary
      • Delete Keys from the dictionary
      • Dictionary len() Method
      • Python List cmp() Method
      • Programming examples for all type of data types


  • What is a function?
  • How to define and call a function in Python?
  • Types of Functions
  • How Function Return Value?
  • Types of Arguments in Functions
  • Rules to define a function in Python
  • Nested Functions
  • Call By Value, Call by Reference
  • map(), filter(), reduce() functions
  • Anonymous Functions/Lambda functions

Modules, Packages, Date & Time

  • Python Module
    • What is a Module?
    • Types of Modules
    • The import Statement
    • The from…import Statement
    • ..import * Statement
    • Creating User defined Modules
  • Python Packages
    • What is a Package?
    • Introduction to Packages?
    • Importing module from a package
    • Creating a Package
    • Popular Python Packages
  • Python Date and time
    • How to Use Date & DateTime Class
    • How to Format Time Output
    • Calendar in Python
    • The Time Module
    • Python Calendar Module
  • Practical examples

  • File and Error Handling
    • Python File Handling
    • What is a data, Information File?
    • How to create a Text Fill and Append Data to a File and Read a File
    • Closing a file
    • Read, read line, read lines, write, write lines
    • Renaming and Deleting Files
    • Directories in Python
    • Python Error Handling
    • Python Errors
    • Common RunTime Errors in PYTHON
    • Chain of importance Of Exception
    • Exception Handling
    • Try & Except
    • Try, Except & else
    • Python Custom Exceptions
    • Ignore Errors
    • Practical Examples

  • Classes and Objects
    • Introduction to OOPs Programming
    • Object Oriented Programming System
    • OOPS Principles
    • Define Classes
    • Creating Objects
    • Class variables and Instance Variables Constructors
    • Basic concept of Object and Classes
    • Access Modifiers
    • How to define Python classes
    • Python Namespace–
    • What is Inheritance?
    • Types of Inheritance?
    • Polymorphism
    • Encapsulation
    • Abstraction

  • Database Communication
    • What is Database?
    • Types of Databases?
    • What is DBMS, RDBMS?
    • Working with MysqlDB
    • How to create a database?
    • How to upload data into table
    • Integration of database and output of other program
    • Creation of MariaDB users
    • Working with remote database storage
    • Altering the table using python

  • Multi-Threading and GUI Tkinter
  • Python Multi-Threading
    • What is Multi-Threading?
    • Threading Module
    • Defining a Thread
  • Python GUI -Tkinter
    • Introduction
    • Components and Events
    • Adding Controls
    • Entry Widget, Text Widget, Radio Button, Check Button
    • List Boxes, Menus, ComboBox

  • Networking in python

  • Regular Expressions

  • Reading from CSV files writing to CSV
  • Read and writing to JSON
  • Reading and writing to Excel file.

  • Data Structures in

  • Arrays in

  • Regular Expression in

  • Introduction to NumPy
  • Data Manipulation with Pandas
  • Visualization with Matplotlib
  • SciPy for scientific computing
  • Seaborn

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